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Hello, just received my duodenal biopsy results

Hello everyone. Almost a year i have duodenal ulcers and gastric erosions. Ive passed 5 time gastroscopy and once colonoscopy. All the time the biopsy results were absolutely normal but yesterday ive received another one and need and explanation and help with it. Thanks in advance to everyone
1. Duodenu, biopsy:
-Ulcerated duodenal mucosa showing irregular, distorted villi, edema, mixed inflammatory infiltrate including tissue eosinophilia (30-40 EOS/HPF) and only 8-12 IEL/ columnar cells. The inflammatory cells spare duodenal crypts and penetrate into muscularis mucosa
-Negative for granulomas and dysplasia
-Consistent with chronic duodenitis with ulceration

Gastric antrum, biosy:
- Antral type mucosa with few erosions, foveolar hyperplasia, diffuse active inflammation and mild epithelial atypia. Acute and chronic inflammation including prominent tissue eosinophilia (30-40 EOS/HPF) is limited by lamina propria.
-Negative for granulomas
-Consistent with chronic gastritis, active
Comment: Giemsa stain negative for H.pylori
In summary, the findings may represent upper GIT involvement by Crohn-s disease in the context of existing IBD. However, isolated upper GI lesions with no colonic or ileal manifestation is extremely rare in adults.

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