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Humira/Crohns/Persistent issues

So here's an update on my journey. I posted a bit ago about how Crohns came to a head when my Hemoglobin had dropped so much (Previously on Entyvio) that the facility where I get iron sent me to the emergency room for blood. I had a colonoscopy that was normal and they thought all activity was in small intestine and the plan was to switch to Humira.

So, I have been on Humira for about a month now. I've also been getting weekly iron infusions, and my #s are consistently going up which is encouraging.

Stools are also more formed, again encouraging.

However, one thing that is still a problem is nausea. It's been rare a day where I don't throw up, especially these last two weeks. Sometimes it will be when I wake up in the morning which feels more acid refulxy (Pepsid seems to sometimes help) and then other times it is at the end of the workday.

I'm wondering how long should I give Humria to help? It seems some people take up to 6 months and others it helps right away?

I see that Humria can cause nausea, but honestly I had been having this before I went on Humira so to me that doesn't seem related.

Also wonder if anyone has any tips for nausea/cramping anything that you've found to help? I feel like Pepto is more placebo at this point. I've found some ginger candy that seems to help with nausea at least.

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