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Ibs / hiatial hernia/ acid reflx

I'm just looking for advice as I'm honestly at my wits end, I've been diagnosed with the above however never really felt my ibs diagnosis has ever been given further investigation as It tends to flare up extreme rarely & with foods i know im good with ( think of a 1 year olds palette here), in October the pain was unbelievable so went to my doctors , again got bloods taken all negative, eventually got admitted due to passing blood and being in pain for 4 weeks, xray and ct scan showed nothing was told I'd get a endoscopy in Feb due to covid. ( still waiting) .got sent home told to take cocodomal when in pain, a week went by still I was still in pain then was passing a yellow liquid from bowel no poop just bright yellow liquid .. continued to be in pain and it eventually subsided and i was good . until last week whole abdominal pain 1st right side, then left then belly button area I've been bed bound with the pain just fed up being dismissed as ibs when I feel its something more, the pain doesn't subside after going to the toilet it continues, I don't wanna take cocodomal as it obviously causes constipation , can't take nurofen as that causes issues with my stomach I fell due to my age I'm just being over looked for crohns this pain has me utterly floored. Can anybody offer advice? would the xray or ct scan show up crohns or whatever else it could be as im not convinced ibs is this but i dont know. No poop sample has EVER been requested, I have tested positive for H ploryi in the past.

  1. I am so sorry you are going through this. It is always so frustrating when you know something is wrong with your body and you feel like doctors aren't being proactive enough.

    I would definitely push for a fecal test. This will show your Calprotectin levels and reveal if you have inflammation going on. I would also ask for a colonoscopy with biopsies. Have you had one done before?

    Overall, here is an article that goes over diagnostic testing for Crohn's. Push for these test so that you can be sure you don't have IBD.

    And just a piece of advice, if you feel like something is wrong in your body and you feel it's more than IBS then keep pushing for tests until you get peace of mind.

    Rooting for you, Elizabeth (team member)

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