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Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine

I’ve always known we can’t take vaccines that have live virus in them. I believe I’ve read the above used live virus, so can we not get this vaccine?

  1. Hi there! Thanks for your question. Ultimately whether you choose to get the vaccine is completely up to you and your doctor. Because of the relatively new nature of the vaccines, it's worth checking in with your personal doctor who will have the best insight into your medical history.

    That said, we have IBD community advocates like Amanda who recently shared her choice to get the vaccine.

    That decision will be different for everyone, depending on their comfort-level and personal medical history. But hopefully from the piece above you can see that there are others who are able and willing to get the vaccine that can offer a fresh perspective.

    I hope this helps! 😀

    -Reggie ( Team Member)

    1. Thank you, Reggie. I am definitely planning on getting the vaccine. My concern is the J&J vaccine contains live virus, I was wondering if anyone knows, if we, with compromised immune disease can get this vaccine? Unfortunately, my Gastroenterologist who I had only seen a few times, left the practice, that’s why I was asking on here. Thanks!

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