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Living with crohns disease

Hello anyone on here on anti depressants aswell as medication for crohns disease? I need to go on anti depressants but I'm scared to as im on azathioprine and worried. I'm going to ask my doctor tomorrow but just seeing if anyone on here is on them. Thanks.

  1. Thank you for your question! I have been on Prozac (20mg daily) since 2014 in addition to my Crohn's medication. I was on azathioprine until 2015, then was on Stelara, and now Entyvio, and all have been ok while taking Prozac.
    I would consult with your doctor and make sure you ask all of the questions necessary to make you comfortable with taking a medication they prescribe. Please keep us posted on how you progress!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Many people in the IBD community take antidepressants because mental health is a common problem for folks with IBD. Anything they try to prescribe, if there's a risk of ill effects from being on Aza should flash up on their system in front of them anyway.
      Best of luck
      - Sahara (team member)

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