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What are some ways to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety due to IBD?

  1. Many in our community can relate to feelings of depression and anxiety caused by IBD. There are several ways to help manage these feelings but the key is finding what works for you. It can be very helpful to connect with others who are going through the same thing, to build community and find support. Speak with your doctor about your feelings and any new, changing or concerning symptoms you may be having. Your doctor may also recommend that you speak with a mental health professional who can offer additional support and strategies for managing your depression and anxiety. In addition to discussing with your doctor about your unique situation, this article gives an overview of common symptoms of depression and resources for emotional support and management:

    1. The guilt, depression and anxiety of living with IBD is crippling. Its all consuming and awful. I am the biggest believer in allowing ourselves to grieve and feel whatever it is that we need to feel. We go through so much mentally and psychically and were mostly made to suppress those feelings. I say, stuff it! If you need to wallow, then wallow but then pick yourself up and get on with it day by day. Knowing that you are allowed to feel whatever it is you are feeliing and then knowing tomorrow will be a better day always makes me feel like ive been allowed to express myself freely.

      1. Writing, drawing, laughing and talking with members of the IBD community are things that I have found helpful in combatting and managing depression and anxiety. IBD is tough. Sometimes it takes all of the courage and strength you can muster, but you can do it! Maybe you're creative and good at writing or drawing. Try expressing your frustrations, anxiety and depression that way. Perhaps watching funny movies or reading funny books helps you cope or escape from the world for a little while. Harry Potter was my literary escape from the pain. Maybe you're a religious person? I am. I have found prayer and the study of scriptures helpful in finding comfort during my darkest hours. When all else fails, I can always count on my friends who share my disease. I tell everyone the very best thing you can do when you feel like you're drowning in your disease is FIND SUPPORT. Helps me every time.

        1. Please know you're certainly not alone on your journey with IBD. I have a few articles to share with you from our website; and We encourage our community members to speak with their physician/health team with any new or worsening symptoms. We appreciate you commenting and being a part of our community!

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