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Hi guys just wanted to say me and my wife had a dade night last night. I M also In the middle of a flare up anyway I ended up eating junk sweets chocolate, now today I am suffering its 9 am and iv been the toilot about 10 times already my belly is In bits, any suggestions on wot to do I no its wot I ate yesterday an I won't be doing it again. But just in so much pain with my belly.

  1. Oh I feel your pain, we all do this. We are human. We have our moments where we want to be normal again and eat the foods we once were able to do. Definitely make sure you stay hydrated. I tend to find that having a day or two of just liquids helps me so much. Bone broth, chicken soup, smoothies. Also laying down with a heating pad helps ease the pain. -Elizabeth (team member)

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