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New Diagnosis - UC

I've recently been diagnosed with IBD UC and the last 10-14 days, I've definitely felt different (maybe a flare up) - bloated, feeling full, tummy aches and pains, fatigued. However the last few days I've had a high temperature too, reaching as high as 39.6c. I've not really been given any advice on how to deal with IBD other than I'm on meds. I also don't know what other flags to a flare up are - is this high temp linked to IBD?

  1. Oh, my goodness! That's a pretty high fever! Do you have a gastroenterologist that you can contact? As far as I've been told, a fever can be symptomatic of UC. Since I'm no physician, I definitely don't feel comfortable just leaving your message there. I would contact a doctor and either get an appointment or ask for some medication. It's interesting that you were recently diagnosed with UC but weren't given any treatment plan to help with your symptoms. All the issues you mention (i.e., bloated, tummy aches, pain, fatigue, etc.) are typical for those of us with UC. Have you taken a fever reducer of any kind? Tylenol? How long have you been experiencing the fever? If you've had it for more than a day, I would definitely contact your GI or a family physician. You know your body BEST, and if these symptoms are new or lingering, I would definitely seek medical attention. Please let us know how you're feeling tomorrow or if you get in to see a doctor. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope your fever reduces soon! We're always here for you! Hugs!--Traci, UC-IBD Team Member

    1. Thank you I've been on meds since they suspected it was UC in August (it's just taken this long to diagnose - colonoscopy took until January to happen, then only recently had the results!). I take Octasa. However no further action other than a follow up in 6 months and a leaflet through the post with a helpline.
      I've been to the doctors today, had blood test and my CRP is high at 40mg/L. Everything else seems okay, except I can see my Eosinophil count is low at 0.03 10*9/L, but not really sure what this is/caused by. I have another appointment tomorrow. X

      1. How did your appointment go? Did you learn anything new? Do you still have a high fever? Just thinking about you. Hugs! --Traci, UC-IBD Team Member

    2. Had it for abt 6 yrs.
      Tried many meds and supplements.
      So I've gone from a mix of 5 meds

      From the doctor ask him/her for Mesalazine 800mg
      And go to a health shop for
      Psyllium husk. 500mg capsules. (type of fibre) but more than just fibre.
      Will make a big difference to your toilet urgencies and flare ups will virtually stop.

      Octasa or Asocol is mesalazine and its a controlled release drug that only breaks down when its nearly all the way through you so it only affects the colon area.

      Sibd you're on octasa. Try the psyllium husk from a health shop with it and it'll improve your movements and flares a lot. Search it and read abt first then you'll see what I mean abt it.

      1. Does this mean you no longer have UC? That's GREAT if you no longer battle the flares. I also used Psyllium in the form of Metamucil. It seemed to help me overall, too, but I will still get flare-ups if I lose sight of diet, exercise, keeping stress at bay, etc. In other words, I lead a strict lifestyle to prevent my UC dragon from raging. But, I've learned over the years, that each person's body behaves differently with UC and towards medicinal treatments. What works for one doesn't always work for another. Hopefully, finds the right combination. That is what we all aspire to--good health! Cheers to your psyllium and hopefully flare-free life! 😀--Traci, UC-IBD Team Member

      2. Thank you for always taking the time to share what has brought you relief. Stay well! -Elizabeth (team member)

    3. I still have uc and my colon is so scarred I doubt it will heal. But with using the psyllium husks fibre and octasa together I haven't had a flare up for over 2 months And I was on the verge of surgery to ask for a bag I was getting that stressed with constantly rushing to the loo and sometimes not making it from my chair.
      I almost forgot... I also take Codeine prescribed of coarse.
      That helps take away the urgency feeling of wanting to go all the time which is a big issue with UC. You don't feel the need to go every 5 mins. And also helps bung you up a touch. Just don't take too many..

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