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New guy in the club

Hi all,

I'm Alex, 38/male. Recently had both upper endoscopy and colonoscopy, the results were indicative of inflammation etc etc. Waiting for blood and stool tests to come in, but I am pretty convinced that i'll get some kind of IBD diagnosis back. I also learned that my mom's brother has colitis, and as an Ashkenazi Jew, I'm pretty much in the IBD sweet spot LOL

so, right now, i'm really trying to manage a flare-up/post-flared-up state, where I'm still in the weeds, but sort of coming down from it, just trying to not to make things worse.

Obviously, any chronic condition is a scary thing to hear. Especially as a "foodie" (hate that word but it is true, hahaha) – I am really trying to get my mind around my new dietary needs and how I can make them fun for me, and how I can get the nutrition I need, while being smart.

I have a long history of anxiety and depression so I'm really trying also to focus on those needs, to just breathe and roll w/ the punches.

I'd love to talk food with you all, because I need options for both flare-up and non-flared-up states. I have found that eggs are kind of a wonder-food for me right now – hard scrambled, a little pepper, and also sourdough bread, and both cottage cheese & yogurts. I am thinking I'm gonna have to get into fruit drinks – smoothies et al – but my palette generally runs toward the salty & savory more than sweet.

looking forward to being part of the community,

  1. Hi ,

    Welcome to the community. Sorry you are having these symptoms but at least you know you have a community for support.

    As far as food goes, that's great you can tolerate eggs. They are very nutritious and offer a great source of protein.

    If you like savory, perhaps a fix for making fruit smoothies more palatable for you would be to add nut butter. Try almond butter or peanut butter to add a more robust flavor.

    Also, if you can tolerate juice you can go for things that aren't so sweet. Like carrot and ginger.

    I hope this helps some!

    Best, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Hey

      Fellow foodie here! I actually just created a community on a food app I use, so that fellow IBDers can share their fave recipes!

      I SOO wish I could just give you a list of foods to eat and to avoid, but it really is such a personal thing!

      I hope this blog will help you navigate the world of food a little easier: it also includes tips on what exactly you should log in a food diary 😀

      ~ Sahara (team member)

      1. if u don't mind me asking, which food app is it? i have some recipes myself, would love to join that

        1. it's called Whisk! It even has a nifty converter so different weights (imperial/metric) can be changed with just one click! 😀

      2. Sorry to read this. In the early days I saw a dietitian. It was well worth the money. I did the FODMAP exclusion diet under her supervision. This really helped when I was in a flare. When I’m well I don’t worry too much about what I’m eating - as long as it’s nutritious. One thing I learnt is than many people with IBD get IBS, hence the fodmap diet. Sugars were some of the things I really needed to avoid, including bananas, carrots apples etc. Do an internet search on IBD & FODMAP diet as a good starting point

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