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not sure if IBD/very new and confused


I'm really new on the forum, had my colonoscopy some days ago, still waiting for biopsy results. Colonoscopy showed mucosal atrophy in the terminal ileum only, everything else seemed fine. My doc said he thought he will find Crohn's there, but it's not.(?)

On the paper he wrote ileitis terminalis as well.

My question would be, what else can it be if not Crohn's (probably because he saw only the mucosa affected?). As far as I know Colitis doesn't normally affect only the terminal ileum.

Thanks 😀

  1. As far as I am to understand, it could be a variety of things from infection to gastritis when there is mucosal atrophy, but also could be coeliac or the like. The biopsies will be a better indicator. Terminal ileum inflammation usually is related to Crohn's when it comes to IBD, but again, the biopsies will be more definitive. Have you had any other tests like calprotectin, etc?
    Let us know how you get on.
    Vern - IBD Team Member

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