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Not sure what to believe, maybe someone shares

It all started in May after a stresful period. Started with abdominal disconfort and some not so good bowel movements.
Went to the doctor, made an eco, blood test, rmn, nothing wrong, just a calprotectin of 90 which they said its normal. Tried different medication but pain was worse, i was tired, i tought i saw blood in stool altough all blood stool test were negative.

Eventually did a colonoscopy and endoscopy, where only small ulcerations on the right side was found. Did not had pain there, my pain was around the belly.

Ok, so new treatment with normix. Some days were good, some days were bad. All of this time, i never consumed milk products, i never felt good consuming it, but doctor said to eat yogurt daily.

So, on wendsday, after about 7 days of feeling good, i said ok, let me try yougurt maybe it will be good.

Next day, blood in my stool, bright red so maybe hemoroid because it was fresh and slowly the pain started. I am very bloated, i can feel the gas if i push on my stomach, pain is everywhere, feeling to go to bathroom but nothing goes.

Today did a blood stool test, which was positive, but it could be hemoroids (doctor said) but the pain is very bad. I can t sleep at night. The only thing i changed was the yogurt, doctor said that cannot be it because it should help. But something changed/trigerred that day. Since 1 week ago, bloating, sounds, pain, stool is looking horible, weird color and if its not soft, its very thin.

  1. mesalamine enema(s)
    coconut water
    coconut milk yogurt
    inner-eco coconut water probiotic
    no dairy
    no fiber
    no nuts, no raw veggies, soft fruits low in fiber (peaches) are OK
    No soda
    honey instead of sugar
    no fried foods

    do diet for a month than try some of the restricted foods but listen to your body, and sorry to say, red meat (cow ) probably gone forever, but lamb is good !

    1. Thank you for the reply. Since 2 days went on a crazy strict diet. Only grilled chickend breast, boiled egg and toast. I also take probiotic VSL3 and before eating 200mg of trimebutine. Also a cup of chamomile tea before bed. Probably sounds extreme and unhealthy but atm my energy levels are okish so i can give my colon a rest. Last night i was finally able to sleep. Pain its still there, but it did not woke me up.

      I will try mesalmine, but i need a prescription.

      Right now i am waiting for the calprotectin levels to see how bad the inflamation is. My doctor said that depending on that we will make another colonoscopy or not.

      I do have a crazy theory, when i did my first colonoscopy, the only thing found was small ulcerations on the right side, in the cecum and inflammed appendix. All my life, during eco or mri (i do have chronic hep b since i was a child, but that is under control now) they said my appendix is swollen and consider removing it. Could that contribute to my condition? Should i just remove it?
      The only inconvenience is that i will have to rest for 30 days, and i am an active person, i go to the gym and also play tennis during weekends. And also i am afraid to not make things worse since they will work in that area. Thanks

      1. I am so happy you replied! To start, I helped a friend with UC in 18' she is still in remission and no meds...I hope you become the 3rd. I wonder if IBD and all its incarnations, come from the same origins but show themselves differently from person to person.

        I forgot to say yes, stress definitely effects all things in body but especially chronic ailments/inflamed vulnerable areas....I have 1st hand knowledge of that for more than just the UC, even a genetic mutation blood disease goes into overdrive if stress not managed. So you can see that stress goes thru all the pathways of the body.

        How I came up with all I told you in 1st reply is too long of a story. So to keep it simple. Not sure why Dr's do not prescribe the enema? Most anything else is prescribed, and if an enema form, it is usually corticosteroid. Direct contact with medicine would seem to be better than ORAL, you don't take a pill for a scraped knee.

        As far as the VSL3 and before eating 200mg of trimebutine.....I can't comment on them all I can tell you is if your body tells you they are good then keep up with it, though I am not a fan of oral drugs treating inflammation symptoms, none ever worked for me.

        I tried all the various probiotics in pill form, the inner-eco was the 1st liquid I tried and I noticed great results, so that's what I stuck with. I also have tiny tiny bit dabbled with some prebiotic foods, but not enough that I have found any gems to pass on to you....jicama fried with some potatoes

        We try all these diets without knowing really what is the culprit. Flareups have you questioning everything. As luck would have it, after almost 2 years of suffering, fate helped me, it took 2 knocks over the head for me to see red meat was a BIG factor like huge, like blood immediately. The rest of my recipe also all fell into place all with in less than a month maybe even couple weeks. Maybe my recipe will help you, maybe you will have to tweak it, fine with me!

        I have figured out I can eat a little dairy now, but nuts, raw veggies, fruit are all potential irritants, though RED meat is the tsunami that makes almost everything else more of a factor. Now an internal mechanism that gets used all the time is that's a tough spot. As I saw the bigger picture and had more effective catalysts at my disposal, my intestinal fortitude grew and I became OCD with it for a good amount of time. nice pun right lol

        In 22' I had scope, zero UC, zero polyps, a beautiful rear end for a 53 yr old, whose bloodline has all sort of IBD issues. I do not care for scopes. I believe they can be good for early detection of cancers but also feel they can irritate an already wounded area. or even start something up in a person who might have proclivity for IBD issues but haven't surfaced yet... enough said...that was probably my has taken me almost the entire year to get everything really running at top performance again since the scope.....enough said

        if the enema gets rid of the blood, etc... then the other catalysts may take hold

        full truth is I cannot say if everything after the enema will work if the enema does not remove the stool symptoms....don't be worried about diarrhea, only concerned with mucous, blood, tarry, etc...not sure what tar even is, maybe dried blood inside intestine?

        remember when Tom Hanks in the movie cast away. He finally gets the fire going....and he says something about coconut water being a natural laxative......well I wasn't watching the movie, it just popped into my head.....the rest is proof in the scope pudding (results) I get my coco water at C----O

        I can't speak on your appendix, hep b or any of that?? and I hope beyond hope that those factors aren't contributing to your intestinal issues. I do think teas are VERY good, maybe careful with some of the root herbs tea....its really hard to hear what your body tells you in our active lives......

        thank you so much for replying....remember, when you get the enemas, lay off all fiber I mean all of it for like a week, give your bowels a vacation 😀! and the enema is the messenger

        if the stool gets better, hit it with the probiotics and coconut milk yogurt, WF's has some with lower amounts of added sugar...your stool may go thru lots of shapes and sizes,,,,you might even reset and not go for a couple days, and start again.....if you get too much cramping then lay off the liquid pro till you think best.....that coconut water is like a trident, you get hydration, laxative, and inflammatory all in one...not bad

        I hope I haven't wrote too much....and have addressed the specifics in your reply.....even I can have MAJOR intestinal pain if I eat the wrong stuff. My wife made a poppy desert which about axed both me and her😀 and recently she made some sort of pecan thing same results for me.

        my mother had her colon removed from UC.....

        happy turkey day !!

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