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Pain and blood when going on toilet

Dear all,

I hope that I will find here an exchange of experiences and possibly useful hints.

Briefly about me: I have had blood when going to toilet, which is bright red, for about 12 years. All common causes have been ruled out, I have already had many examinations (including colonoscopy), i.e. STDs, hemorrhoids, injuries, etc. are certainly not it. The diagnosis then was that I have a localized area in the rectum that keeps getting chronically inflamed. Sometimes it is worse with stomach cramps and nausea, other times it goes away completely for several weeks or months. I have an anti-inflammatory suppository as my medicine.

Now the question: Have you experienced something similar and can you tell me whether I can still do something alternatively (alternative medicine) or which cause I should perhaps investigate?

Thank you very much and see you soon


  1. Hi , I have this experience often but I have Crohn's disease so whenever I had bright red blood (depending on the amount of blood) it was either perianal disease with anal fissures or I had an ulcer develop over top of a blood vessel.
    I know some people have found relief with probiotic suppositories.
    Has your doctor tried a sigmoidoscopy? It could be just enlarged blood vessels (angiodysplasia) as well.
    I'm surprised you have had it this long with no proper diagnosis.
    Let us know how you get on
    Vern - Team Member

    1. I can see that Vern has commented with his experiences as someone with Crohn's disease. I have ulcerative colitis, and can say I have experienced the same. In UC, inflammation in the rectum would be referred to as proctitis.
      Am I right in understanding that you were told you have this inflammation, but were never told the cause of it? It definitely sounds like a form of Inflammatory bowel disease to me, but I'm sure there are other possibilities.
      Administering suppositories and/or enemas was part of daily life for me, for a while. For proctitis, and when I had my J-pouch, I also used them for pouchitis and cuffitis.
      I'd personally push for more answers in terms of the cause. Only then can you really begin to think about other treatment options.
      - Sahara (team member)

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