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Period and how it affects crohn’s or colitis

Hi everyone! Sorry I’m asking so many questions today but I have many. This time I wanted to know if when you’re on your period, does it affect your crohn’s or colitis? I always find that my stomach gets a bit unsettled when I’m on my period and just wondered if this was a common theme at all for others too?
Many thanks ❤️

  1. Honestly, I think hormones play a HUGE role in feeling worse during menstruation. I've since had a partial hysterectomy, but I remember how BAD my colitis dragon (my term of "endearment"😉 would feel during my period. That's when the heating pad became my BEST friend--always during my periods. I blame hormones because when I was pregnant, my colitis seemed to calm down. I was SHOCKED! I was so afraid that it might get worse, but I experienced the opposite effect. So, in my heart, I say hormones are the culprit. With that stated, all I can suggest is to snuggle up with a heating pad to get through the cycle. Wishing you pain-free days! Hugs! --Traci, UC-IBD Team Member

    1. I definitely mistook the cramping during my last period for symptoms of a UC flare. Honestly, it was more painful than either part on its own, so I suspect it may have been a bit of a synergistic effect. I hope that such things pass quickly for you!

      1. Hi Cara, mine gets SO unsettled! I have pretty bad cramps which leads to diarrhea. My doctor told me the uterus is close to the colon so cramping in the uterus will often lead to more pooping. Things have been a lot better since I got on a hormonal IUD because I don't have a regular period. I have 2 hours or so of cramping every so often, and that is much more bearable for me! -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

        1. Thank you for this information, Eshani! This is very helpful to me ❤️

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