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Persistent blood

Hi Everyone, relatively newly diagnosed UC here.

I guess my symptoms were a textbook case up until my diagnosis via colonoscopy in this january. Cramps, diarrhea, bloating, blood/mucus/pus in stool, lots of weight loss, lack of appetite, nausea etc. I was prescribed Salofalk 3g granules.

Now the Salofalk treatment and low-residue diet seems to have worked well, I have 2-3 bm-s a day, some minor cramps and flatulence here and there, but mostly I'm fine. The one thing bugging me, is that I still see blood in my stool almost every time I have a bm. I was also diagnosed with hemorrhoids, but the blood I see is sometimes darker in color and sometimes it's approx. a spoonful.

Does any of You experience blood in stool in remission? Is that common? As I'm fairly new to the disease itself I'm not even sure how I should know whether I'm in remission or not. I'd like to know your thoughts.

  1. Hello, my UC in remission since 14' and 22' scope showed ZERO UC and ZERO polyps, and I am 53!

    please let me know your specific diet, I want to know everything down to the last detail of what you eat and drink...?

    also if you got blood you got problems, is this still an issue? blood, mucous, tarry, etc...? I know a medicine that you probably haven't been prescribed, which usually will start the healing process allowing for other life style changes to take effect..

    please reply, so I can help, I have helped out a friend in 18 and she was off her Lialda with in 2 weeks, and she is still in remission now !

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for your response. May I ask which prescription medication helped you? It's important to remember that medications effect everyone differently. What works for one person may not work for another. But, it's always good to hear the options that are out there! Thanks, Pam (team member)

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