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Possible chrons for my 14 year old

Hey everyone’

We’re at the very beginning of this journey, months of being told tummy bugs and IBS.
Today I put my foot down with the gp and said enough is enough. My little lad is experiencing constant cramps severe runs, losing weight total exhaustion and it’s only today after a lost my head totally that they have listened and said it’s probably an inflammatory bowel disease of some variety possibly chron’s….does anyone have any advice with this in kids and just testing to expect ?

Thanks for listening

  1. Hi . I'm sure it is incredibly difficult to see a child experience these issues. It is great that you are seeking answers and have sought out a place you can get information and support. Do you need a referral from the GP to get an appointment with a gastroenterologist? I want to share with you this article from our editorial team on the diagnostic process: I also want to share this article on IBD in children and teens: You deserve to be heard and your son deserves treatment. Please feel free to keep us posted on how things are going and to ask additional questions - this community is here for you. Best, Richard (Team Member)

    1. Hi , first of all, I am so sorry that you've had to endure watching your child go through such difficult symptoms. It is heartbreaking as a parent to see our children suffer and my heart goes out to you both. Good for you for putting your foot down to demand answers! Second, in addition to the excellent information that Richard shared above, I just wanted to link a couple of other posts about children with an inflammatory bowel disease. You might really be interested in this article written by a mother who's child was diagnosed with Crohn's, And here is a link to a forum about having a child with an IBD (you can check out all the comments included),, and finally, this article has information on helping prepare a child for a colonoscopy, I don't mean to bombard you with more information and articles, but hopefully they can give you more insights and information. Please know that our community is here for you, and please reach out any time. Sending you (and your child) gentle hugs! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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