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Prednisone and what you ate while on it

Hi everyone, I know this might seem a silly question but any of you that have been on prednisone, what was your diet like while you were on it and if you ate unhealthy while you were on prednisone, did it bring any of your crohns symptoms back even though you were on prednisone? The reason I ask is because I’m currently on prednisone and it’s making me crave all the wrong sort of food, whereas normally I’m a very healthy eater and don’t eat refined sugar, but since being on prednisone all I seem to mainly crave is sweet treats and salty snacks, I’m trying to resist of course, but I have ended up having a bit of refined sugar and now I have developed diarrhoea for the last few days and now I’m wondering if either the prednisone is starting not to work or is it because I’ve eaten refined sugar which is a trigger for me and now paying the price ?
Many thanks in advance for any advice ❤️

  1. Hi , Prednisone is a really hard drug so do you not beat yourself for feeling the side effects! It has been known to increase hunger in lots of people. I would say that you may want to touch base with your doctor to let them know that the diarrhea is returning, but also try reducing the refined sugar and see if that makes a difference. I know it is hard while you are on the steroid, but sometimes elimination is the only way to know if a food is triggering you! By the way, does your doctor have a longterm plan for you in terms of medications, since Prednisone is not a long term treatment? -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

    1. Hi Eshani, thank you for your reply. Yes after I finish this course of them then we are trying another biologic that I haven’t tried before, so fingers crossed that everything goes well and I can reach a full remission ❤️

      1. Prednisone is difficult to be on. It definitely makes you crave all the bad stuff. So what my Naturopathic Medical Doctor told me was that Prednisone messes with your gut flora. So try your best to stick to healthy foods the bad cravings is the Prednisone. Being on Prednisone is hard so give yourself grace. -Elizabeth (team member)

        1. Thank you ❤️

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