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What are your tell-tale signs that a flare is coming?

Some flares surprise us, and some we can see coming from a mile away. How can you tell that a flare-up is right around the corner? By sharing, you can help others recognize and manage their own flares more effectively.

  1. There’s a change of sorts;
    1.) urgency
    2.) blood in the stool
    3.) Fatigue - like you’re in a coma—dead-tired; like you have 3 seconds to count-down; then your battery is unplugged till you are Re-charged; 3 hrs later!
    4.) Almost zero time to the BR;
    Like; 0-2-1-3-times-up😱

    1. sounds like you've got some pretty clear signs when a flare-up is around the corner! Is there anything you can do (when you notice these symptoms) that helps keep a flare at bay? Or lessons the length or severity of the flare? Thanks so much for sharing with the community here! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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