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Proctitis/ Canasa

after years of annoying issues and then seemingly continuous blood in the toilet, a colonoscopy almost 2 years ago showed i had proctitis. i was prescribed canasa and have probably had to use it 3 times a year since.
since march i have been almost symptom free. i would have mucus every so often but was very regular and no blood. suddenly about 2 weeks ago i had one instance of urgency and cramps and that was the start of a new flare. since then blood each time i go but no other issue other than feeling like my stomach felt "raw" ( thats how it always feels to me during flares). i started canasa last friday 11/6. a few days in the blood stopped, but came back after a few days. in the past the bleeding stopped after a few days and didnt return until the next flare. i have 4 left of my 14 day prescription of suppositories and one more 14 day prescription.
have you had it take longer than 2 weeks to get under control? i feel fine and never had any more urgency trips or cramps. i was anemic when i was first diagnosed and dont want to go through that again so that is my only concern.
any help is appreciated!

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    I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this flare. I haven't taken these medications before, so I hope others from the community can chime in with their personal experience. In the meant time, which I'm sure you have asked already, what has your doctor suggested to do when it comes to your prescription?

    As far as anemia goes, are you taking oral iron supplements to help boost your hemoglobin?

    Big hugs,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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      I haven't had the medication you're referring to, but all I can advise is to keep your IBD team informed. It might be that you need to switch treatments. It's not uncommon for something that once worked for us yo stop working at some point.

      - Sahara (team member)

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