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Hi all, this is my first post.

I was initially diagnosed with UC in 2005. It eventually went away in about 2007 and has been non-existent until last month.

It's come back in a bad way. My GP has put me back on pentasa and I'm waiting for the specialist appt.

I recently changed from humira to skyrizi as my work benefits no longer cover humira. I can't help but wonder if this change triggered the relapse.

Anyone else experience similar?

  1. Hi . It is terrible that you had to stop taking the treatment that had kept your UC under control for so long. I have to ask how you ended up being switched to Skyrizi for UC due to insurance reasons when it is not yet approved for by the FDA for treatment of ulcerative colitis? It is approved for Crohn's, but approval for UC is still pending (see: It has performed well in its clinical trials for UC and your doctor may have prescribed it off-label, but that can often be harder to get approval. That said, it is certainly possible that Skyrizi is not an effective treatment for you or that the gap between treatments and for the new treatment to take effect could bring on a relapse. How long have you been taking the Skyrizi? I ask because it can take up to four weeks to relieve symptoms.
    Also, if the Skyrizi is not effective, you could check with your doctor and insurance on whether you are eligible for any of the Humira biosimilars. Another option is your doctor could try an appeal for the Humira by writing a letter of medical necessity - the fact that it kept you in remission for so long would certainly seem to be a point in its favor. Really hoping you can get some relief soon and please feel free to keep us posted on how you are doing and to ask additional questions. Best, Richard (Team Member)

    1. thanks for your reply. I was initially on humira as prescribed by by dermatologist for my psoriasis. By that time the UC was already in remission.

      Perhaps the humira cleared up the psoriasis and kept the UC away until the recent change.

      My colonoscopy is tomorrow so I'll make sure to discuss this with the Dr. And see if perhaps a humira biosimilar might be a better choice than the skyrizi.

      Thanks again.

    2. Hi . Wishing you the best with the colonoscopy tomorrow. As a side note: my wife, Kelly, was diagnosed with a different autoimmune condition at age two (in her case juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) and then psoriasis about six years ago, so I know something about how autoimmune conditions like to piggyback on each other. Sometimes it can make coordinating care difficult and sometimes the treatments can overlap and cover a couple conditions. We have a sister-site for psoriasis at Best, Richard (Team Member)

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