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Severe UC and C Diff, medications?

Hello, my husband is 61 yrs. young, He has been dealing with A really bad UC flare for a while now. He has a history of repeated C-Diff. So much so at this time the Dr. has him on an ongoing course of Vancomycin. they did not even test him at this point because he is living in the bathroom with diarrhea and bleeding, It seems not matter what he eats at this point it sets it off.
He is also on Stellara for the UC. He is scheduled for his 3rd fecal transplant in about a week. He has lost weight, and is just so tired, We are both at our wits end wit this and am not sure we are headed in the right direction for treatment. Is there anyone with some advice as to what to do? Thank you.

  1. Look into FMT? Fecal Matter Transplant. They offer it specifically for those who get C Diff. Great success rates. Google it, great articles written about it. I was just looking at one from the Cleveland Clinic. Google : "Fecal Matter Transplant Cleveland Clinic." -Elizabeth (team member)

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