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Sore lips!

Hi everybody! I hope everybody is well (or as well as we can be).

Does anybody suffer with inflamed lips? Mine are pretty much always inflamed, hot and sore.

They’ve been like this for a good while (a year perhaps). To add to it, in the last few months, I’ve now developed stubborn angular cheilitis too. So my lips are a right mess as you can imagine.

I’m pretty sure the angular cheilitis is a Chron’s thing as I’ve tried prescription anti-fungals, and Fucidin. Hydrocortisone helped it, but it came back when it was discontinued.

I’m just wondering about anybody else’s experience with oral symptoms of Chron’s? It’s got m pretty miserable at the moment!

For background - I’ve just this week started Ustekinumab after not responding to Inflix or Azathioprine! Perhaps the Ustekinumab might help it? I won’t hold my breath!

  1. So sorry you are going through this. When I am in a flare, my lips become dry and cracked and I have also gotten mouth sores and cracks in the corner. Typically it was only until the flare came under control with steroids that these symptoms let up for me. Also, I believe my doctor told me to get Lysine for the cracks in the lips and it took that away. Ask your doctor about it. Oh, I hope you get relief soon. Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. My heart goes out to you @brad93! I used to suffer from angular cheilitis terribly, as well as mouth sores that prevented me from eating anything.
      I have found that Ambesol helps numb the mouth sores, which at least makes it more tolerable during the day. I would also try to eat soft foods that didn't require me to open my mouth too wide, or even drink from a straw to prevent the cracks in the corner of my mouth from getting worse. I also noticed I would be tempted to wet them with my tongue which made it worse, so I recommend avoiding that if possible.
      I hope your new medication can help with your mouth sores and inflammation. Unfortunately, it is just another common symptom of Crohn's but, when given the right treatment, can be resolved.
      Please keep us posted on how you progress on your new medication!

      --Julie (Team Member)

      1. Thanks for responding Julie! It’s comforting to know that somebody else has gone through this.

        I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on!

        1. Thanks to you too ! Sorry - I didn’t see your response! I’m definitely going to ask about the Lysine. Thanks for the hope 😀

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