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I have generally not been a fan of over the counter supplements because they are not regulated. I have watched & tried to research some antibiotics promotions. I believe as a Crohn sufferer we need nutrients. My dr hasn't taken a strong opinion. Doesn't it stand to reason with constant battles of symptoms or flares that it would be a good idea. Always felt lost on this issue. Do others supplement? How do you know you are getting what is in pills? To me, this is an on going and pretty big issue. What to believe, what to do?

  1. I understand your concern completely. I supplement. I take vitamin D, a multivitamin and probiotic at the moment. I buy all my supplements food based, except the vitamin D which is in liquid form and was recommended by my amazing Dietician. I know my supplements work because whenever I am deficient and take them, my levels get corrected. I think food based supplements are the way to go and yes they are pricier than the others but worth it in my opinion. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. thank you for your question. I take Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 supplements as I am chronically low in both. Also, Vitamin B12 is absorbed primarily in the ileum and since mine was removed years ago, it is very difficult for me to absorb it from my food as others would.

      I know that it is working because I get lab work done every 6 months that checks the levels of the major nutrients (in addition to a whole metabolic panel) and seeing them consistently stay in the normal range reassures me the supplements are working. Or, if one of my levels should dip, I will temporarily take a supplement and have the levels checked again in 6 months and see how I've progressed.

      --Julie (Team Member)

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