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UC Flare Up - Bowel Incontinence

New to the forum, I am currently six months into a flare up like nothing I have experienced before. Diagnosed 8 years ago my previous flares have lasted a maximum of 2 months but this time my symptoms have changed to previous flares.

I now suffer with bowel incontinence and although I am taking prednisolone this comes back 8 or 9 hours after taking the prescription.

Has anyone got any advice on how to control bowel incontinence during an IBD flare?

  1. Hi ,

    I see you're new here and wanted to start off by saying welcome! I'm glad you found the site. There are a few options available to help control incontinence, but it's really important to talk to your doctor about options that are specifically available to you (if you haven't already done so). Here's a really great article that talks about some of the options. You'll have to scroll down just a bit to find the right section, but the whole article may be interesting to you. Here's the link:

    I hope that helps and you're able to get out of this 6 month flare. Sending positive vibes that relief comes your way soon. Kindly, Crystal (IBD team)

    1. Appreciate the positivity and thank you for the information, here in the UK our NHS is under increased pressure and under resourced so it is a slow process getting the support needed.

  2. for me, it's been more of a preparation thing. Wearing panty liners or adult diapers is never somewhere anyone wants to be, but it saves throwing away underwear!
    ~ Sahara (Team member)

    1. Hi Sahara, the side effects of the prednisolone were not worth it for me. I have recently started a phased diet and taking octasa / suppositories before bed which I have started to see an improvement with.

    2. Pleased to hear that. I hope that's still the case!
      ~ Sahara (Team member)

  3. Thank you for sharing with us, . How long have you been dealing with these actual symptoms? Kindly, Amani ( Team Member)

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