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UC - High calprotectin level but no symptoms

I have been on UC medication for the past 18 months (taking mesalamine 3.2 gms and mesalamine suppository). I lost more than 15 pounds in a month before i started this medicine. I am doing better with this medication (even though not having much appetite). However, when I stopped mesalamine suppository for a month, my calprotectin levels went to 288 from 65 but I did not have any severe symptoms (just felt bloating for few days). Since I did not have any symptoms is this means I have active UC inside even though I am not feeling any change in my symptoms. Is calprotectin close to 300 very serious? please advise. Thanks for your support.

  1. In my experience, 300 is slightly high but can mean there are signs of inflammation or infection. Even alcohol or medications can cause higher calprotectin levels. So you might not feel any different but still have higher levels as far as I understand.
    Vern - IBD Team Member

    1. Thanks Vern for the quick response. Appreciate your help. I do not take alcohol. I have been on UC medication (mesalamine oral and suppository) for the past 18 months. Calprotectin levels were gradually reducing from 300 to 60 initially and it went back to 300 when I stopped mesalamine suppository for a month but still taking oral mesalamine. I have resumed using mesalamine suppository again.

      1. Glad to hear you're going back on it. The suppositories work better and quicker.
        Let us know how you get on
        Vern - IBD Team Member

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