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Ulcerative colitis advice please

Good Afternoon, I am looking for advice please, since October 21 i have been in and out of hospital for over 2 weeks at a time, they sent me home and I ended up getting rushed back into hospital via ambulance because they shouldn't have discharged me.
However my uncontrollable bowel calmed down over a week ago from a number 7 to 5 im sure most if you know what i mean and they sent me home with laxido sachets. Half in the morning and night.
I nearly went back to A&E over the weekend but decided to warily self manage myself, last wednesday I had diarrhoea really bad with a 38 temp but Thursday it eased and now I am only going once a day like water although I am eating plenty there must be solid fiecies stuck and this worries me because u suppose its a form of constipation.
I am on steriods and antibiotics that the GP gave me last wednesday when I had bad diarrhoea. Without to much information though the wind is awful and also sometimes the stomach and back pain. I can't even get up stairs because this has made me so weak. I hope all that makes sense and someone can advise. Many thanks.

  1. Hi , thank you so much for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear all that you're going through. It sounds very exhausting and confusing! Unfortunately we cannot provide any medical advice, but instead of self managing the pain, I do urge you to go back to your doctor if you feel something isn't right. Has your healthcare team performed any tests or procedures? Are you currently have a diagnosis? I hope you find some answers soon. Will you keep us updated? Sending you well wishes - Pam (team member)

    1. Hi Pam many thanks for your reply, I understand you are unable to give advice. It seems that they are looking at ulcerative colitis or chrones but seem to be leaning to ulcerative colitis.

      I have had 4 endoscopies, 2 CT scans and so many x rays I lost count. They were supposed to be doing a test but I can't remember its name but I know its something to do with the veins ect but that got cancelled.

      I have left a message for the doc to call me and also yesterday I got a message from the consultant saying they will do another camera within 1 or 2 weeks.

      That should be imminent because the letter was dated 30th November. Ah well let's see what happens.

      1. I really hope you get answers soon. Please keep us posted with how tests go. Do you have access to a Naturopathic Medical Doctor? Google to see if there is one in your area. I would reach out and get a second opinion. I see both a GI and NMD and I'm super thankful for it. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    2. Sorry, , I have only just seen your post. I see that this was two weeks ago, so I'm just wondering how you're getting on?
      ~ Sahara (team member)

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