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Ulcerative proctitis flare

Wondering if anyone diagnosed with u.p has had a flare and had black stools. Usually only associate symptoms with bright red blood and mucus. Any ideas?

  1. Typically black stool means there is blood coming from higher up, like the small intestines. I would let your doctor know asap and get imaging done to find the root of the bleeding. Most likely a Pill Cam Test. Are you in pain? -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. thank you so much for the reply. Lower back pain and some left sided pain. I've just left a fecal sample off to gp and restarted pentassa and octassa. Hopefully it will make a difference. I must look up the camera test you mentioned. I am hoping to avoid any testing as you can imagine.

    2. If your colonoscopy came back normal definitely ask for the Pill Cam Test. It's so important you know why this is happening. Big hugs. I hope you feel better soon! -Elizabeth (team member)

  2. Been diagnosed with u.p for 7 years after initial colonoscopy. Turning 40 soon and this is my first flare. Haven't had any meds in almost 3 years. Been very well up until now. Hopefully will avoid any further colonoscopy. Hopefully the u.p has not spread. Although I am worried as it feels different this time. On meds for 8 weeks then a review. Will they repeat fecal calprotectin at this point or just go by a verbal report of symptom reduction or increase?

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