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I am 25 and have not had a normal bowel cycle for about 5 years. Flips between constipation and diarrhea, although Miralax daily has helped with this. I have also had recurring yeast infections and BV for about 5 years, which my OBGYN has not been able to find a cause or solution for. I finally went to a GI and had highly positive ASCA IGG(69). Had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy this morning which came back ‘normal’. Biopsies were taken so we’ll see what those results are. From forums on here, I’m concerned my doc will no longer take me seriously due to the ‘normal’ colonoscopy. Does anyone have suggestions on how I should handle this with my GI going forward, or ideas on what this might be?

  1. I think I actually replied elsewhere already, but I will pop a comment on here just incase.
    Firstly, the biopsies may show something, so don't worry too much about that yet.
    There are many other tests which can be performed, so push for them if you think it is necessary.
    More info on Diagnostic tests such as CT, MRI and Capsule endoscopy here:
    - Sahara (team member)

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