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undigested food in stool

I wandered how many others with Crohns have bowel movements that contain undigested food bits.

  1. I was diagnosed with Crohns about 18 months ago and was diagnosed have had undigested food in my stool for several years prior to diagnosis. By the time I was diagnosed my colon was like raw hamburger with ulcers. I was bleeding. I was on prednisone-not helping-was hospitalized and started on IV steroids, IV nutrition, and fluids. I was finally started on Remicade infusions after 8 days of not not getting any better. I started getting better within a few days-have not had that undigested food since. I became sensitive to Remicade and couldn't tolerate Humira-and am now on Entyvio infusions and doing pretty good!

    1. Talk with your doctor about prescribing you the antidepressant Desepramine. Been taking this 40 years. Just got a new gastroenterologist that uses this drug all the time for people with diarrhea. It is used because of the side effects which is constipaton. While this isn't a cure, it helps. A 25mg or 50 mg tablet is what works with me. To treat depression, you would be prescribed 200 to 300 mg a day. So I only took 1 tablet a day. I find taking it 30 minutes before breakfast helps my day. I took Asacol for 3 years, only to find out it did not dissolve AT ALL.

    2. Your symptoms are very similar to mine along with the Crohn's diagnosis as well, I was just curious as to why you couldn't tolerate humira? And are how are the current infusions going?

  2. I definitely do. I believe it's pretty common!

    1. Yup!! Certain foods, more than others. CORN, for instance!

      1. How about leafy greens, I love salad. I can have a big salad at times and not effect me, other time it'll be maybe 20 minutes after I'm done eating and my stomach gurgles and is in pain, then the feeling of urgency.

        1. Isn't it odd how the same foods can affect you so differently? Thank you so much for sharing, unbound2609!
          Best - Meagan, Team Member

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