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Unexplained severe abdominal pain

Hi all , I been suffering on and off for years with stomach issues. In the beginning of lockdown it got progressively worse and at the same time I experienced dreadful hip joint pain. I have the stomach pretty well all the time, from mild to severe. My toilet habits go from constipated to very loose, no visible blood. I had a CT scan that was clear and an endoscopy that showed mild inflammation in my stomach. No further action, they just changed my lansoprazole. No better after three weeks. I’m now pretty scared of eating and to be honest, I just feel sick with the pain. I also have lots of gastric notices, possibly because I’m hungry and the pain can go through to my back (I have no gallbladder) . Does anyone have any ideas? I’m pretty much giving up at the moment. Thanks for listening

  1. Hi . Have you let them know that symptoms have not improved with the medication change?
    I think the best thing you can do for yourself right now is keep on it. Keep reporting your symptoms etc, and push for a second opinion if you're not happy. I know it's exhausting and fighting to be heard can be tough on the mental health, but you deserve to feel better!
    - Sahara (team member)

    1. Hi ,

      I'm so sorry that you're not feeling any better! I definitely agree with , It's so important t advocate for yourself! Ask questions, ask for a second opinion, you deserve to feel better!

      Thinking of you!

      Amanda (Team Member)

      1. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm not a doctor but two possibilites are uclers or Crohn's of the stomach.

        Definitely I echo what was said on here about advocating for yourself and getting a second opinion. Sometimes they just need to do more testing to find out what is going on.

        I'm sorry for what you are going through. I do relate to being scared to eat. I've had that at a number of points. Even today, when in remission, for the most part, I get it at times. This is because after I eat I generally get worse symptoms. So I'll either limit my intake or only eat small amounts or safe foods for a while. It's not ideal but it is a way of getting by.

        This is normal with IBD--moderating diet--or fasting--assuming that is what you have. Hopefully, the doctors will get to the bottom of it and you will be able to eat more normally soon.
        Take Care,
        Matt (team member)

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