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What are some of your favorite holiday "safe foods"??

I'm so curious what everyone else eats at family gatherings that you know you won't have an issue with digesting. For me, my two staples for holidays that I know I can eat are green bean casserole & stuffing.

  1. Thank you for asking! I feel like this is always relevant with holidays occurring year-round!

    I am always safe with the protein option--turkey on Thanksgiving, ham and hard-boiled eggs on Easter, grilled chicken or burgers (on a gluten free bun) for Memorial Day and 4th of July. Potatoes and salad are typically a safe, bet too!

    Things get dicey with desserts because of too much sugar or dishes made to excessive amounts of dairy.

    Thanks, Kelly!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. I do well with turkey and gravy at Thanksgiving, along with salad, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes (no milk).

      For Christmas, I enjoy ham with salad and potatoes.

      For BBQs or other get togethers of that nature, I do coleslaw, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, fruit, chicken salad, tuna salad, any fish grilled or blackened.

      For desserts I tend to just take one or two bites of whatever is available. That way I can enjoy something sweet, but for me I'm safe with a bite or two.

      Always dancing,
      Elizabeth (team member)

      1. These are interesting! So far all that you both have listed I can't go anywhere near - Ham puts me in the hospital every single time I eat it!!

        Holidays are so tricky! But it's spring now! New season 😀

        Kelly, Team Member

    2. We usually have turkey and roasted potatoes. For desserts, we love pumpkin pie.

      1. Thanks for sharing with us amberelodie. Glad that you have some safe and very delicious options for a holiday meal! Best, Ashley (IBD Team Member)

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