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What are your go-to "safe" food ideas?

We know everyone is different when it comes to IBD and diet, but it might be helpful to hear what helps others! What are some of your go-to "safe foods" that you know when all else fails, you can at least eat these and still feel well?

  1. My most recent flare I felt as though no food was safe and that maybe I was allergic to food? That is the most frustrating thing about IBD, there is no true consistent.

    1. had to leave deep fry foods and process foods alone what sit my flare ups

    2. @brandimaddox I also avoid fried foods, and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Thanks for sharing!

      --Julie (Team Member)

  2. Bone broth, preferably chicken. Soft carrots, cauliflower, celery, zucchini...and then I add cubes of cheese, in hopes it will plug me up. But I haven't had to do this in a long time. There was, however, a point where I lived on it. = )

    1. are you CD or UC or both?

    2. CD, but my specialist changed my diagnosis several years back so insurance would cover Remicaide. Ha. That worked for 1.5 years, then horrible anaphylactic type reaction to Remicaide happened. Switched to Humira for 6 years, ok, just hated all the sinus infections. Now on LDN which is fantastic, safe, cheap. Look up LDN research trust and you'll find out more. Biologics are so expensive and risky. LDN has virtually no risk profile.

  3. Hello! In my case, wheat is the main culprit. When I avoid wheat, I don't experience flares but abdominal discomfort is always there.

    1. low residue generally! Flare often coincides with chronic fatigue, so it can mean I can't really bothered to cook either, so simple things like noodles, sandwiches, and low fibre cereals end up being a staple!
      ~ Sahara (team member)

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