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Does anyone else suffer from malabsorption?

I do suffer from malabsorption and because of it I require IV fluids (5% dextrose @100ml an hour), in one bag a day I’m given a multi vitamin and I can only go no longer than 8 hours before I begin to get dehydrated. Which causes my kidneys to fail. I’ll be on the fluids for the rest of my life and every 4 months for 6 weeks I get TPN to help my poor nutrition. I have lost so much weight from 170 pounds to 118 pounds and can’t gain weight at all. Although I do eat I do not absorb the calories and nutrition from what I eat. Most of the meds I take go thru my IV or are capsules because pills go straight thru me and come out in my ileostomy. I try to focus on the good instead of the negative. Everyday is different and my immune system is suffering from this. I am unable to fight infections regardless of how minor it is it turns into a major problem usually I become septic and end up hospitalized. 4 times in 6 months this has happened. Trust me I appreciate each day that I don’t have complications. I am on regular pain meds because I’ve had over 34 surgeries done and its caused excessive damage resulting in chronic pain. To me sleeping 3 straight hours is a miracle. I hope no one has to go thru this.

Community Answers
  • Meagan Heidelberg moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Megsma –
    Thank you so much for reaching out! Malabsorption is unfortunately quite common throughout our CD community. Here is an article you may be interested in reading; 34 surgeries? That’s so many! We are so glad to hear that you focus on the good of every day. A positive attitude will take you so far! We appreciate you commenting as well as being a part of our community!
    Meagan, Team Member

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