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Can you have normal colonoscopy but positive biopsie?

After suffering for years and years with apparent IBS, a recent stool sample showed high levels of inflammation. Now suspecting IBD, which I personally feel would be a better explanation for the horrendous symptoms I have been having. Doctor referred for a colonoscopy, which visually appeared normal. However, they did 10 biopsies which results won’t be back for weeks. Just wondering if anyone has had normal colonoscopy but positive biopsie? Just wondering why they take them if everything appears normal. Thanks in advance

Community Answers
  • Meagan Heidelberg moderator
    5 months ago

    Hi Cjchol! We are so sorry that you are experiencing these awful symptoms of IBD. Are you currently exhibiting these symptoms?

    Typically with IBS, your lining of your GI tract will remain normal in appearance even with symptoms, while IBD (while in a flare), will be visually inflamed. I hope this helps a little. I can find additional information if you’d like.

    Please keep us updated on your results!!

    Best – Meagan, CD-IBD Team Member

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