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Crohn’s and pregnancy

Does anyone know if I need to be in endoscopic remission from crohns in order to get pregnant?

Community Answers
  • Amanda Osowski moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi @helloitsme,

    This is a great question, and one I recommend you talk with both your GI and your OB about.

    From personal experience, my doctors wanted me to be relatively symptom free for 4-6 months before we started trying to conceive. My husband and I ended up having to do IVF due to unexplained infertility, which took a lot of the guessing out of timing and such, but both my GI and our reproductive endocrinologist monitored my health and labs during the process. They did not ask to see endoscopic biopsy proof of remission, but my doctors and I were able to see that I was pretty consistent in my health and had had no flares or hospitalizations in several months, which enabled us all to feel confident about trying to get pregnant.

    Wishing you so much luck!

    Amanda (team member)

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