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No medication

Hi guys, any advice… had scope last Wednesday inflammation ulcers in the ileum doctor said Colitis but questioning Crohn’s. I have nausea, mouth ulcers, left and right sided pain, no blood or cramping, just constipation. I’ve gone for another procedure he did take biopsies but sent me home with no medication, just to see my own doctor. I always thought Crohn’s colitis was diarrhea. Am losing weight because of pain and nausea, Thanks for any advice

Community Answers
  • Kelly C (#purpleproject) moderator
    11 months ago

    Hi @Kazy666, when the doctor said to see your own doctor, did they mean another Gastroenterologist? Seek another opinion or if you feel comfortable asking the doctor you saw for your scope/biopsies, call and ask that office for the results.

    It’s better to get on medication to control the baseline inflammation right away, rather than to let it lurk and slowly damage your gut to the point where the damage cannot be undone.

    If you are continuing to lose weight, you should definitely call as soon as possible. It sounds like they didn’t really provide a whole lot of education, and we can help you with that.

    All the best
    Kelly, Team Member

  • kazy666 author
    11 months ago

    Hi thanks for the reply I’ve to have another procedure to rule out Crohns I’ve no blood cramps just pain I’ve to see my own doctor next Monday then the GI doctor in a few weeks I guess he wants a definite diagnosis before he gives me medication but like you said losing weight not eating is not good my doctor will get my report soon my inflammation ulcers are in the ileum such a horrible illness thanks for the support ❤️

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