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Water causes painful burning and cramping

Different brands of bottled water, tap water from various cities, it doesn’t matter. If I drink water during the night or before eating in the morning, I almost instantly have extremely painful burning and cramping in my stomach and intestines, followed by vomiting and diarrhea. Is anyone else dealing with this? Has anyone found a cause or at least a solution other than not drinking water?

Community Answers
  • Mike S.
    4 months ago

    Hi @saltykid,

    I have had similar issues with some city tap water, but not bottled water. My resolution was adding a water filter and separate tap to my kitchen sink. We use this for everything we plan on ingesting like coffee, tea, pasta, etc. Since I was able to do this myself I only had to pay for the hardware involved.

    I hope this helps.

    – Mike

  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    4 months ago

    Hi @saltykid,

    I have never experienced this before, hopefully others from the community with chime in if they have.

    Have you spoken to your doctor about this? Perhaps even a Naturopathic Medical Doctor or other Holistic Doctor? You may find some solutions this route?

    I hope you find relief soon, that really sounds so painful.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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