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CD and alcohol

  • By ginny4premier

    I’m newly diagnosed, and used to like to have an occasional glass of wine while out with friends. Lately, I absolutely do not feel like it. Does alcohol cause issues?

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  • By SusanHU Keymaster

    Hi ginny4premier,

    Thank you for posting and I hope you’ll get additional feedback from our member! Everyone is unique so please remember that your experience may not be the same as others and we’d encourage you to discuss this with your doctor as well.

    In the meantime, I wanted to share a few articles with you that you might also find helpful:

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    Please keep us posted and know that we are always here to offer support and information, or just to listen!

    Susan ( Team Member)

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  • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator

    Don’t we all love our wine, I know I do!

    I definitely could never drink when I was in a flare as it would just make things worse for me. There is a lot of sugar in wine and sugar is inflammatory. But now that I have my symptoms controlled, I have wine occasionally and I’m fine. You have to enjoy the goodies in life every now and then.

    If you don’t feel like drinking though, I would definitely not force it and listen to your body.

    Always dancing,

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  • By jh5191018

    I think it is different for everybody, but I avoid alcohol during flare ups and drink when I feel ok! I just avoid any drinks that I do not know what it is made up of and anything sugar heavy. I drink vodka water with a lot of lemon. Wine should be fine!

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    • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator

      I agree. And interestingly, I also find that vodka has been a drink that sits well with me. Vodka with cranberry juice. Or just vodka with club soda and lime.

      Always dancing,
      Elizabeth (team member)

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