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How do you practice self-care during the holidays?

  • By SusanHU

    The holidays can be stressful for everyone and an especially difficult time for those living with IBD. What do you do to take care of yourself during the holidays?

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  • By Brooke Abbott Moderator

    I delegate! We have a very large family with a lot of holiday parties…just for the family. I haven’t even touched the friend’s, work & school events. In my family we share duties like hosting, cooking and driving older family members. We also do trades. Babysitting for house organization/cleaning. Cooking for grocery shopping. We trade a lot! I also gift something to myself whether it’s a massage, a day alone doing something I want to do, getting a housekeeper, buying myself something I really want but might be a bit expensive. I treat me!

    I also just put all negativity aside associated with my disease and just enjoy the fluff and joy of the holidays. I basically ignore, IBD for a few weeks.

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