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General Discussion

Jpouch, Crohn's and IPS

  • By Silverfox1

    Hi All….I have a combination of all three, aren’t I lucky!? I’m a young 77, and a widow for a bit over three years. It’s not fun being alone and dealing with not feeling well a lot of the time. Funny, some days I feel great, and other days, well, I’m afraid to leave the house. Does anyone besides me think that we bring these symptoms on with just thinking about them? Curious to hear from anyone that does!

  • By Pam.Kingsland Keymaster

    Hi Silverfox- Thank you for sharing. I’m sure there are others that can relate to this feeling, too! Know that you aren’t alone and that we are here for you on both those good and bad days! Thank you so much for being part of our community <3 - Pam (team member)