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  • By Meandmine30

    I have been advised by my consultant to try probiotics to stop the pain in my bowel when in remission. I don’t know that anything has changed since I started taking them tbh.

    He said I could just have tiny bits of active Crohn’s that is too hard to see so they might not do anything anyway?! They’re expensive and this is annoying.

    I feel like because they can’t see anything exciting in my bowel or in my bloods they just want to write off anything I’m feeling.

  • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator


    I know exactly how you are feeling. Doctors don’t seem to take you seriously if they can’t read it in a lab result or other test. At least you know you aren’t alone in experiencing this.

    As far as probiotics go, I HIGHLY recommend taking one daily indefinitely. They are so important for our gut health.

    The one thing I learned about probiotics throughout my IBD journey is that because each and everyone of us has different flora in our gut, not all probiotics will work on an individual. You need certain strains of bacteria that flourish well for your system.

    With that said, I tried one probiotic and saw zero results. Thankfully on my second try I found a brand that worked for me. It made me regular and my pain level decreased.

    So, I would encourage you to try another brand if you aren’t seeing results, because probiotics really do work!

    I hope this helps encourage you a bit. I know how frustrating IBD is. Hang in there. One day at a time, you will see the light with due time.

    Rooting for you.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)