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Undiagnosed lower left abdominal pain, bowel habit changes (need help)

  • By skip3662

    Good afternoon All,

    I hope everyone is well. I need some advice/assistance if possible, I am 38 years old and have been having bowel issues on and off (mainly on) for 2 solid years.

    I have had 3x colonoscopies, 2x CAT scans and an endoscopy – all clear, which is great but annoying.

    Symptoms (When flared up);

    – lower left abdominal pain just above left hip, comes on usually after passing stool and is not relieved by passing stool (pain not there when I wake up) lasts the day and is dull.

    – feeling like I need to go back to the toilet when I’ve just finished and if I do not much happens.

    – a feeling that my bowel/colon is swollen, I feel I need to urinate a bit more like is getting compressed (no blood but some mucus).

    I go to the gym a lot and eat 6x a day quite high protein, so I thought maybe my poor bowel isn’t getting a rest from this hard to digest food and that’s the issue ?

    I switched over to a keto style diet 2 weeks ago and I defiantly got some relief. Then on Friday we had a binge treat meal (pizzas, chocolate ALOT of food). Went to sleep, woke up and bang it’s back again.

    It like it’s not something I am eating more when I eat a lot my bowels can’t cope ?

    Honestly any advice is appreciated, besides doing a pill cam or getting a comprehensive digestive stool analysis done I am kinda lost.

  • By Pam.Kingsland Keymaster

    Hi @skip3662, thanks so much for reaching out. I feel your frustrations around the “all is good” test results. I hope some community members will weigh in with some personal experiences. In the meantime, I’m wondering if you’ve considered receiving a second opinion? I’m attaching some articles that I thought might be of interest to you. Please keep us updated on how you’re doing. Sending strength and warm wishes – Pam (team member)

  • By Amanda Osowski Moderator

    Hi @skip3662
    I definitely understand your frustrations! I had symptoms for 6 years before being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I had normal colonoscopies and endoscopies for so long but nothing resolved my symptoms. I was finally diagnosed with the Pill Cam (a swallowable pill which takes photos every few seconds as it travels through your digestive tract). If you’re getting a second opinion, I think it’s worth exploring if this test can give your dr any insight!

    Thinking of you!
    Amanda (team member)

  • By skip3662


    Appreciate the response, isn’t it strange how traditional colonoscopies didn’t show your issues. I read your post when I was searching through this site and am going to arrange a pill cam.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m glad nothing sinister is going on but being without some form of diagnosis is pretty frustrating.

    My issues only occur after BM typically and last half a day. We’ll see how this test goes.

    • By Amanda Osowski Moderator

      Hi @skip3662 – It was a lot of years of frustration for me! I always showed “non specific inflammation” but because my ulceration and disease activity is in my small bowel, the colo/endo camera never passed through that spot. I also agree with you – lack of information/diagnosis/treatment plan was the most frustrating part for me!

      Let me know how the test goes!
      Amanda (team member)