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Ulcerative Colitis

Was anyone afraid of going to the doctor and them acting like you are crazy?

  • By 15acoker

    At 18 I found blood in my stool told my doctor and they sent me for a colonoscopy (my dad passed away of colon cancer at 40). They said it was nothing I was fine just some tears and tiny hemorrhoids. I turn 20 way more blood and issues. They send me again this time he comes back and says ok there were a couple polyps, white spots and inflammation but then laughs and says it’s nothing to worry about I dont even think you are your dads daughter. So that made me really mad. It was the same doctor doing the colonoscopy both times. Also the doctor my dad had. I was there because of the blood and pain wanting to know what was wrong why it kept happening and he apparantly thought I was there because I was afraid to die like my dad? I mean yes I didnt want to die but I was there for a reason of my own my own health issue not because I’m just a worry wart. So now I’m 22 and it’s still here. The last three days have been blood and today a blood clot. Along with white and mucus looking parts. And it hurts so bad to even try to use the bathroom. My stomach has been swollen out for a couple days and today I finally said ok maybe it isnt going away maybe I should go see the doctor. But now I am terrified of the same thing happening again. I dont want a $3000 bill for someone to laugh at me because they think I just haven’t gotten over my dad dying. I’m anaemic and we didnt find that out until I went to have a surgery because my menstrual wouldnt stop. So she gave me some iron and went ahead with the procedure. I havent been back to a doctor sense my last colonoscopy because it made me so mad. But now reading about ulcerative colitis so many things match up. I’ve never understood why I got so many mouth sores. I had decided before maybe i had just spouts of crohns or something with the urgency to go and it always being mainly loose stools. But after running into ulcerative I feel like that is dead on what it is. Did anyone else have this much trouble finding out what it was that you had?

  • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator

    Hi @15acoker,

    I am really sorry that you are dealing with a doctor that is treating you this way. Unfortunately, this is the reality of life, there will always be people in the medical community like this.

    I would highly, highly suggest switching doctors immediately. Get a second opinion asap. If you are bleeding and experiencing pain, mucous and mouth sores, you have a serious problem going on in your intestines that needs to be looked at. If you find that waiting for an appointment for a second opinion may be way too long, just go to the ER. Yes, the ER. If you simply tell them all of your symptoms, they will admit you and treat you.

    The sooner you catch things when it comes to health, the easier it is to treat. Looking back, I wish I would have gone to the doctor the moment I started to bleed. I feel like my journey may have been different.

    Anyways, I really hope you feel better and that you get seen by a doctor who will respect you and give you answers.

    Know that you have a community here that will always support you. And don’t hesitate to message me whenever.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)