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Nutrition and Exercise

What are some of your favorite holiday "safe foods"??

  • By Kelly C (#purpleproject) Moderator

    I’m so curious what everyone else eats at family gatherings that you know you won’t have an issue with digesting. For me, my two staples for holidays that I know I can eat are green bean casserole & stuffing.

  • By Julie Marie Palumbo Moderator

    Thank you for asking! I feel like this is always relevant with holidays occurring year-round!

    I am always safe with the protein option–turkey on Thanksgiving, ham and hard-boiled eggs on Easter, grilled chicken or burgers (on a gluten free bun) for Memorial Day and 4th of July. Potatoes and salad are typically a safe, bet too!

    Things get dicey with desserts because of too much sugar or dishes made to excessive amounts of dairy.

    Thanks, Kelly!

    –Julie (Team Member)

  • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator

    I do well with turkey and gravy at Thanksgiving, along with salad, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes (no milk).

    For Christmas, I enjoy ham with salad and potatoes.

    For BBQs or other get togethers of that nature, I do coleslaw, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, fruit, chicken salad, tuna salad, any fish grilled or blackened.

    For desserts I tend to just take one or two bites of whatever is available. That way I can enjoy something sweet, but for me I’m safe with a bite or two.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

    • By Kelly C (#purpleproject) Moderator

      These are interesting! So far all that you both have listed I can’t go anywhere near – Ham puts me in the hospital every single time I eat it!!

      Holidays are so tricky! But it’s spring now! New season 🙂

      Kelly, Team Member