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For UC sufferers, I can’t stress enough how important exercise and a decreased stress level can be on your body. When stress increases, so does the possibility of a flare. During times of stress, a healthy lifestyle is crucial to keeping you out of the hospital and on the right path.

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If you read all my posts from the beginning, collectively, they tell the story. My goal is to help other UC sufferers see an alternative to medication. I took Remicade for 7 years. Great for my AS, but terrible for my UC and general health and well-being. Think about that!

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Eat the food, not the sauces. This is probably the most difficult part of eating healthy even for me. I have to keep reminding myself to taste the food and leave the sauces off. For UC sufferers, it’s about what you combine together at each meal that has the most positive impact.

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Hello, I’m new to the forum. I was diagnosed with small bowel Crohns about a year ago. Still trying to understand when to be concerned and what to do about certain symptoms. For example, my gut rumbles loudly sometimes. I mean across the room loud. When I’m in meetings at work, people ask me if I missed breakfast or lunch, but that’s not it at…

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I’m so sorry that you too have dealt with recurrent c-diff. It’s truly more exhausting than I could’ve imagined, and you’re so right – it definitely affects my mental health as well.

Hoping you stay infection free!

Amanda (team member)