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Colin Harris is a 30-something writer from Ohio, currently living in the Nashville, Tennessee area with his wife Kara, and their cat Sadie. He was given the worst birthday present ever in 2008 when he was […]

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I am sorry you are still experiencing symptoms, Connie. I would recommend asking your doctor how long it should take for it to kick in, and consider getting a second opinion, as there may be an underlying condition that is not being addressed.
Always push for answers when you are not feeling well–you do not have to continue to suffer for this…

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Hi Rachbrung,
That is an interesting question! For me, I tend to get really bad lower back pain before and during a flare (from all the pressure I suppose) I have also been seeing the chiropractor much more lately and he gave me a list of stretches to do at home every day to help with my lower and mid back.

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Oh my…. I’m angry for you that you had to deal with all of that. It’s a shame that you weren’t given all the facts up front and I’m just appalled at the anesthetist’s comment to you, especially at only 19 years old! It’s for reasons like this that I love this online community where people can read stories from others who have actually gone…

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I am so sorry you had to go through all of that! I can’t imagine and the fact that you weren’t fully informed would drive me mad. I agree ten-fold: tell me straight up vs. sugar coat things.

I hope you are doing well these days and finding relief from symptoms. Rooting for you.

Always dancing,
Elizabeth (team member)

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Thanks for sharing this side of Crohn’s, Julie! That’s great that you were able to run home in emergencies and take a quick nap. I agree that it seems like everyone just talks about how tired they are and I’m guilty of doing the same, but there certainly is a difference between being tired and full on fatigue. Neither is fun, but only one comes…