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These are great tips! I did not consider to log symptoms in a journal or app, which is so important not only to us but to our doctors so that they know how our bodies present flares and if there are any consistent trends.

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with our community!

–Julie (Team Member)

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What a hell ride 7 surgery s 1 colostomy for 3 months and now short bowel disease with arthritis and inflammation through my whole body my little always become big forever pains

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My problem with food is that certain foods are inconsistent. I can try Ensure one day and be fine, then the next time it is a disaster. I know loads of things that I definitely avoid, but the inconsistent ones are hard. Ie. Daya cheese, daya ice cream, etc. so if I am feeling risky I try but usually the outcome is not worth it. I stick to…

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Matt Nagin is a writer, educator, actor, filmmaker, and standup comedian. Matt has taught college writing at seven universities in the NYC area, among them Fordham, Long Island University, and The Fashion […]