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A and e when having a flare up

I dread having to go to a and e. Only go if I’m too sick to keep pain relief down. Waited on the last occasion for five hours in agony and vomiting. Had to argue for iv paracetamol Got the impression that staff do not know much about Crohns. What experience have others had?

  1. Hi, i too hate having to go A&E with a crohns flare up, i feel i shouldn't be there, i know it's one of those diseases that doesn't seem to be understood by many, and I've had a few GPs apologise for not knowing the best way forward. I have had crohns for 40 years now and nothing has changed from my first visit to now when attending A&E. I would like to say what marvelous people our stoma and IBD nurses are, they have really made a big difference to any problems that crop up. Have you got contact at all with the IBD nurses who work from your hospital

    1. I know when I had a terrible flare for UC and needed to go to the hospital, I contacted my GI doctor, first. Thankfully, he was doing "rounds" in the hospital at the time, so I was able to receive specialized treatment. If he hadn't been doing rounds, another GI doctor would have assessed my flare. I don't know anything about A&E where you live. All I know is that in the US, most Emergency Room physicians are not specialized. Are you able to contact your GI when you have a flare? Are there GI staff that are "on call" at different hours of the day? If so, I would go that route and inquire as to whether you should go to A&E. Again, I apologize for not knowing how your medical care system works where you live. Hopefully, other people with more A&E experience will chime in here. I'm so sorry you are experiencing such pain. Please stay in touch and let us know how you're doing. Thinking of you! --Traci, UC-IBD Team Member

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