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All over body pain?

I’m just wondering how many others have all over body pain. I was diagnosed in November with Crohn’s. My doc put me on budenoside. I believe I’ve probably had Crohn’s for a long time, but I was diagnosed with celiacs about 12 years ago and I’ve been gluten free since then and that seemed to help with a lot of digestive issues but within the last year it seemed like my issues were getting worse and then I had Covid in September and I was in a lot of pain. The budenoside helped but then I started to get acid reflux. It was time to wean off bedenoside anyway so once I did, all of my symptoms returned. My abdomen doesn’t hurt as much but it still hurts and this week I started getting all over body pain, like everything is inflamed. I also got a little eczema on my face. I’ve been following a low FODMAP diet. I have an appointment with my GI on Tuesday and I’d like to know what to talk to her about. I’m a little discouraged right now. Thanks for any input.

  1. So sorry you are going through this. I have definitely experienced all over body pain. I think looking back, when I had this, it was because I was just flaring and my entire body was inflammed. I had to be really diligent with diet and supplements and cbd oil to get it under control. Also once I was able, I started with consistent low impact exercise and that was really when things turned around for me. I hope this helps some. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Thanks - I was exercising but I’ve been so sore I just don’t know what to do. I tried yoga but o couldn’t move the next day. Maybe I’ll just go walking for now until I get it under control.

      1. Walking is a great idea, @hmarkowski! That's what I've been doing. Just make sure you've got some good shoes and start slow. I've also found that baths can help with my aches! Please let us know how it goes. -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

      2. it's important to start very slowly. I was the same with yoga, because my body wasn't ready for what I put it through. That said, there was still a degree of pain that I had to push through. I was sore for a few weeks, but then it eased. I gradually built up and started becoming stronger and more flexible. It has been very useful for me and my fibromyalgia. Yoga was the foundation that has allowed me to do other things. I only do low impact exercise, so yoga, short walks, and swimming. There are many types of yoga. I have been looking into yin yoga recently, which is supposed to be good for pain. That's what I plan to try next!
        - Sahara (team member)

    2. can get IMMEDIATE relief from this by doing ONE simple thing.

      Find out what is literally "eating you up"...UC is an inflammation.
      Inflammation is your body's way of saying it doesn't like something.
      It ain't is your thoughts.
      Your subconscious mind is always trying to keep you alive....and you are (without knowing it) giving it a constant threat.

      There is something in your life that you are not is either making you afraid or angry.

      Until you address this, your body will continue to stay in F/F mode and the inflammation will either get worse, or shift to somewhere else on your body.

      To start with..get a notepad and write down EVERYTHING that is either bothering you or making you angry..after each topic, write "why" 5 times. Find out WHY that is bothering you..find the root cause.

      You can lie to yourself about the problems you face and not write them down, but that won't help solve it.

      What you are doing is letting your conscious mind see what your subconscious mind is afraid/angry about.

      This is EZPZ once you get to the root of the problem..

      Ping me if you want more help.

      1. appreciate your response and you may not believe this, but I’m really not that sort of person that holds onto bitterness and angst. It’s just not in my fiber.

      2. That's such a great quality to have. Good for you! -Elizabeth (team member)

    3. Yes...I am on blood thinners due to a pulmonary when I was diagnosed with UC it was more than just an inconvenience, but life threatening...bleed to death.

      I had a pretty stressful job and at the time i was racing IronMan at the championship level..I was in great shape....but suicidal. I cudnt even leave the house.

      A friend of mine simply sat me down and got me talking about things in my life. He started explaining what was REALLY going on inside my body. Your body is literally attacking itself. The thoughts you have are forcing the subconscious mind to be under constant fight/flight mode. It cannot handle it does something to get you to address it. For some it's UC, or psoriasis, skin conditions..something YOU CAN SEE.

      There is a 3 part solution. 1. identify the problem that you're facing, 2 what would the ideal solution look like 3 create a daily affirmation so you can reprogram your subconscious mind.

      This is something you can use to overcome almost any issue you face in life.

      i do this for people every day...they usually get their "ah ha" after they write down their forces the conscious to see what the subconscious is fearing.

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Scott. I'm so glad that people feel like this technique helps them and I'm also glad that it helped you. Some people swear by the mind-body connection when it comes to these illnesses, while others have found that medications are absolutely necessary. I'm happy that we can share all approaches here! -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

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