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Has anyone had a blockage that righted itself?

Hi I suffer from crohn's and about 15 year ago I was in hospital for nearly a year and had lots of surgery and I now have an ileostomy. For the last 15 years I have been fairly well and just got on with life. On boxing day this year I woke with terrible pains and then started being sick my husband phones 111 and an ambulance took me to hospital. I was then told I had a partial blockage and may have to have surgery. I was put on fluids etc and they decided to wait and see if it unblocked on it's own and after 11 days it did. The reason they didn't want to operate was because of all the scar tissue I have after so much surgery years ago and they said they would be adding to the problem and wouldn't operate unless it went the wrong way and they had no choice. I was discharged from hospital and told to stay on a low residue diet for a while as I have done. I am seeing a dietitian next week as I need to find out what and when I can start introducing other food into my diet. It's a few weeks now since this happened and I'm still getting aches in my stomach area when I eat (not pain) but uncomfortable. Has anyone else had a blockage that has put itself right and did they have discomfort this long after? Thank you

  1. Pain can be inflammation from blockage
    Have had my illeostomy for 32 years now with several blockages over the years
    Normally about 2 to3 weeks after i start ro feel better
    I am usually on anti biorics after as well
    Inconvenient with illness but at least still a ri e livi g life to the fullest
    Hope your better soon

    1. I’ve never had experience with blickages that resolved on their own.. wish we would have!! Feeling for you...

      1. I have had a few blockages that essentially corrected themself. I also have scar tissue from prior surgery so your situation is relatable. I do believe some blockages correct themselves as a matter of course.

        For me, after a blockage, the next month or so can often be pretty lousy. I'll have an increase in symptoms or issues. Eventually, it has righted itself in my case. If you are prone to blockages, you may want to limit your intake of raw vegetables as that can trigger them in some when the roughage gets stuck in the digestive tract (at least that is what I was told).

        Take Care! And hope you feel better!

        --Matt (Team Member)

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