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Anyone experiencing this symptom?

I feel heat along the sides of my abdomen and sometimes down my legs. Anyone experiencing this?

  1. Hi , thanks for reaching out! I have to say I haven't seen much regarding this symptom from our community members. Could it be a side effect from a treatment or medication that you're on? I hope some other members will chime in with their experiences! Sending you well wishes, Pam (team member)

    1. I haven't experience heat on my abdomen or legs. However, I have experienced heat on the bottoms of my feet quite often. Like Pam mentioned, maybe this is a side effect from meds? I would let your doctor know to see their opinion on the matter. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

      1. thanks TDC. The prednisone has not worked for me, yet 4 months later I’m still on it? (tapering off, but still on it). I hear how great prednisone is, but unfortunately I am the .01 percentage of people that it has not helped ☹️ I’m on Infliximab now and that has helped. Hopefully it will continue to work and I should be tapered off the prednisone in 5 weeks 😝 which I’m looking forward to.

      2. Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Yes, just like with everything, we all react to meds differently. 5 weeks can't come soon enough, right? I remember when I would taper off Prednisone and I would count the days to freedom. Hopefully the Infliximab will offer you more relief. Keep us posted. Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    2. I haven't, but I am sending hugs. Defo discuss with a doctor, especially if it's causing discomfort!
      ~ Sahara (team member)

      1. I have and it's very uncomfortable and scary. I have over active thyroid. Which is called hyperthyroidism. It happens when your in a place where it's to hot. It's called heat intolerance

        1. It is definitely scary. Sorry you experience this. Do you get it often? Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

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