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Anyone had a panproctocolectomy?

Had it in March.
Having the rectal wound re-opened as its healing wrong.
Anyone know approx healing time?

Been housebound since end of February.
Crohns has returned too presenting via P.G, heavyweight fatigue and joints and bones like led.
Really unhappy but lucky to get this far.
Jo. U.k.

  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Crohn's troubles. I haven't had a pan proctocolectomy, but when I look online, I see the average recovery time is 6 weeks in a good scenario. So, if you've experienced issues with the healing then you'll definitely take longer to heal. I'm sorry that you're housebound. That must be tough. I know that several folks in this community have had surgery like yours. I hope they will chime in with their scenarios and advice. I know that contributing writer, Paul Richman, has written several articles about his surgeries. You might want to check out his author archive at Maybe one of his articles discusses his recovery time. In the meantime, I'm sending you BEST wishes as you recover. I hope today is a pain-free day for you. --Traci (UC-IBD Team Member)

    1. Oh! One more contributing writer to look to for recovery advice is . He has written many articles, too, about surgery. I hope reading some of the articles/personal stories help put you at ease in the meantime as you recover.

      1. That is so kind. I will read these tonight.
        Just for the record - best case recovery is 3 months.
        Its the 3rd most painful operation on Google and my experience is in line with that.
        Having the colon and rectum removed is considerably more intrusive than the ileostomy op. I will read the articles with interest, I feel stuck in a cycle of misery at the moment.

        Really appreciate your reply. Thank you so much

        1. (thanks ) I had what was left of my colon and part of small removed, as well as my rectum, just over two years ago after having multiple bowel resections over a 30+ year period. To be honest, after reading all the horror stories online, my experience was not as bad. Recovery was hard but that was because I had some complications with the temporary ostomy (while my rectum healed from decades of perianal disease) and I went into kidney failure (recovered now).
          As far as the recovery for my rectum, it took longer than it should have. It would get close to closing, but then open up again. The nurses treating it told me it is because of the location of the surgery. It is a very hard place to heal and need to keep it clean but most importantly, dry. Another big thing is to try and avoid sitting as much as possible. The more you sit, the longer it will take to heal. At one point, it had just healed over and I "moved wrong" and it opened up again. Not sitting is hard, especially at the time I was making a career change and was attending classes.
          Having said all that, it took almost 6 months before it had completely healed over to the point it would not re-open.
          If I were to give you any advice, it would be to keep it clean, dry and avoid sitting above all else. If the doctors or nurses are saying it "looks good" meaning no infection etc, then it will heal nicely, just give it time. I know it is very frustrating....very very frustrating, but the in the end, it's all worth the effort.
          Let us know how you get on, and/or send me a private message.
          You got this
          Vern - IBD Team Member

      2. Hello there.
        Thanks for your response. O now have a suspected hernia and its dreadfully painful ot cough or sneeze. I'm keeping still but its my beloved Nans funeral in 4 hours and I'm not certain I can go.
        I'm awake and I feel I should try but its an hour journey and I'm going to really hurt.

        1. I'm so sorry to hear you've been in so much pain. Were you able to attend the funeral? -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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