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Anyone please help need advise

My life hasn't been easy from the beggining. Since I was bord I suffered one way or another throughout my life but I managed to come to terms with it, made peace with the people that raped my soul and I tried to save myself by creating a family and moving forward.

Long story short, for the past 10 years I've been having issues with my bowels. I'm 45 years old. They started appearing every time I ate very much. During night time I would go to the toilet with extreme bowel pains. Please keep in mind the characteristic of that pain as it starts with an ache, it goes away for some minutes, it comes back as a greater pain, withdraws and keeps on that cyrcle by getting back stronger and stronger to the point that if I am not fast enough to go to the toilet and force myself to discharge I start to black out from the pain.

Back then I simply avoided to eat that much and everything was fine.

Unfortunately after repeatedly going through gastroenderitis once per year for 5 years, this belly ache started visiting me at night time no matter how much I've eaten.

Did a colonoscopy they found some polypods, took them out but nothing to be concerned about. Doctor prescribed to me "entact" but I didn't go through with it because it was too heavy for my taste.

Managed to have patience and after a while these aches left me for good.

After 5 years of being alright, started having these pains again, out of the blue 9/10 times at night. This time periodically I'm having a burning sencation on the lower right side of my belly during the day time too and am also going for another colonoscopy.

Anyone else having this type of belly ache in their life? It starts off as an ache, goes away, comes back stronger, goes away, etc until it becomes unbearable.

If anyone know anything about it and found any solutions please let me know.

Thank you very much

  1. So sorry you are experiencing this horrible pain. I think a colonoscopy with biopsy will be a great starting point to see what is going on inside. If they don't find anything, I would ask for a pill cam test. You may have something going on in the small intestine. Until you get those results, perhaps try a liquid diet? Broth and soups? That may at least help lessen the pain as you digest and process food? Just thinking out loud here. -Elizabeth (team member)

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